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Follow-up Session

Continuing your journey of self-discovery and understanding. Visits are up to 2 hours maximum.

  • 2 hr
  • 180 Canadian dollars
  • Glebe Health House

Service Description

We start where we left off in our Holistic Counseling Journey. Sessions run anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours (max), usualy closer to 90 minutes. I don't set fixed times for Holistic Counseling Sessions as when the time is up, we may not have come to a conclusive moment for you. I like to continue appointments until we've reached some sort of enlightening moment for you, rather than ending them abruptly at a fixed time. Fees are $120/hour, meaning a 45 minute session would be $90, a 60 minute session would be, $120, a 90 minute session would be $180, etc. etc. Our visit ends when it feels like we've reached a good place for you, 2 hours maximum.

Contact Details

  • 164 Second Ave, Ottawa, ON

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